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Helga "Gegga" Birgisdóttir

Gegga was born in Reykjavík in1960 where she raised her two children who she calls her masterpieces and still lives to this day. Gegga is both curious and studious and has a burning passion for anything related to health and wellbeing. Her passion for self work and spirituality, along with her artistic muse, culminated in the creation of the magical tool SMILER; a clever gadget that forever reminds us to follow our dreams and that we have the power to create the life we long for.
The book "
SMILER Can Change It All" was a popular success and Gegga has been asked to write essays, lecture and teach for many welfare organisations.
Notably she has written chapters in Dr. Andrea Pennington's books "Time to Rise" and "The 10 Top Traits of Highly Resilient People".


Amongst other things, Gegga worked as a midwife and nurse at the National Hospital of Iceland for 35 years, the last 6 years of which were in the psychiatric field. She adored working with her patients but she experienced many things important for holistic health did not seem to fit within the walls of the hospital. As time went on, she found herself working against what she felt were her core values and that she was not being given the opportunity to offer support and help people heal in the way she wanted most. Eventually, she experienced a serious burnout and needed help to recover. She subsequently decided to listen to her heart and use her knowledge and experience in other places. She quickly became popular as a therapist, where she found she could truly flourish as her experience and knowledge were put to good use. Gegga is also an NLP therapist and life coach, NADA acupuncturist, and holds a bachelors degree in art.
She enjoys diving deep into the psyche of her clients with therapeutic tools like The Work (Byron Katie), IFS (inner parts work), art therapy and more. She can think of few things more rewarding than teaching courses where she helps people explore their innermost being with the aim to eventually find peace, freedom and serenity.


Those who know Gegga know she has a passion for beauty, with coziness being as important to her as water is for a thirsty plant!Candlelight, strong coffee, tea, and chocolate are all regular features in her sessions and workshops.

Gegga is also a true child of nature - she considers herself definitely part elf and makes sure to catch up regularly with her favourite friends - big and fat trees - mostly with chats and hugs on her daily walks. It's also not unlikely to see Gegga dancing in the streets as she can hardly sit still when she hears good music. Once the rhythm takes over, other people's opinions are the last thing on her mind! Gegga always makes sure to meet life with a healthy dose of humour, loves being silly and never hesitates to make fun of herself.

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