Lecture for teachers in Iceland
Gegga and N.D.Walsch
SMILER Can Change It All!
Gegga and Eirikur
Edda Heiðrún with Gegga
Ashra and Badri Pandey with Gegga
Gegga giving lecture at Dokkan
Gegga, Sigga Kling and Rúna

SMILER is a Magical Instrument of Joy! 

„If you smile five times a day for NO REASON,

you can change your life in 90 days”


The power that those words possess saved my life …

thanks God!  My Creator, Gegga,  heard this statement, which is attributed to the Buddhist monk Thich Nhat Hanh, in workshop with N.D.Walsch in the United Kingdom in 2008. The same day the financial crash hit Iceland.


In fact, she'd made a prototype of me around last millennium as she was studying at The Icelandic Academy of the Arts  – but that time I ended in a drawer where I slept for eight long years… that sucked! 


At last she opened the drawer and finally my gadget would be put to use, sowing the seeds of smiles in the desolate landscape … for my own benefit and that of others.


When you SMILE, the happy hormones increase in your body and the Law of Attraction brings you more of all that is good.


I am an Instrument of Joy, created first and foremost to turn on your Powerful Creator within.  

We all have the magic tools: thoughts, words and actions which create endless possibilities. It's our attitude that counts.  "The SMILER of . . . " is selected regularly. A person who is a great role model - a Powerful Creator, by changing difficulties into gifts for themselves and others. (click smilers link to see the people - on the big photos.) A true Smiler is everyone’s friend, always sees the best in people, and genuinely wants to make a difference in any given situation.



I was also created to improve and change the world. 10% from the proceeds of me, goes to organisations and communities that uphold love and caring around the world. 


In 2011, I was made in quality chocolate where all proceeds went to support Unicef. The same year I was also nominated for the EUWIN Enterprise Award 2011. Survivors of acid attacks in Delhi has been among the beneficiary of my income. I hope you will join me and BE THE CHANGE!… :-) 




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I call myself Gegga (was given the name Helga Birgisdóttir) and I’m a Smiler and a Creator – just like you. My mission is to help you to turn on your Spiritual Power! That's the reason I created the SMILER, I'm convinced it can help bring about change in the world - it surely changed my sufferings I had in my past.


I've over thirty years of experience in caring for people from birth to death as a nurse and a midwife. Presently, I work at the Psychiatric Ward at The National University Hospital in Reykjavik, as an artist and as a NLP practitioner coach. I also give lectures about how we can become happier and healthier and teach 'The Work' by Byron Katie. I've raised two wonderful human beings and they're 'well done' although I know now I did many things wrong bringing them up… but you learn as long as you live!


I'm an artist from the Icelandic Academy of Arts. To attend that school was one of my young adulthood dreams which I decided to fulfil when I was 37 years old. I've improved my skills by training around the world, in places such as Hungary, Czech Republic, Denmark and Japan. See


I'm highly interested in spiritual matters which create better lives for people. I have amongst other events attended workshops of Neale Donald Walsch (the author of the best-selling books Conversations with God) and the School for The  Work  with Byron Katie. 

My book: SMILER - Can Change It All has been published (in English and Icelandic).  


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