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- so much more than a necklace

Created by the Icelandic artist Gegga after the financial crash of 2008, SMILER is a groundbreaking Instrument of Joy. In some of her darkest moments, Gegga remembered that smiling 5 times a day can change your life so she created SMILER.
The original SMILER was a handmade creation of porcelain and silver, and although it is a beautiful piece of wearable art, it also serves a bigger purpose. 
With it you not only have a tool to help you smile, we promise you'll make everyone around you smile the moment you pop it in your mouth!
Remember that SMILER is not just a tool for laughs, it is also a philosophy. Gegga wants it to be a tool for remembering that we all have the magic within us. With this powerful tool around our necks, we can remember that thoughts, words and actions can create endless possibilities and it's our attitude that counts. Join the SMILER community and  turn on the powerful creator that you have within.  

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